What Happened to the DWC Over the Past Few Days?

You might’ve been dismayed to find that The Doctor Who Companion has been down for a few days. There was a good reason for this, honestly, and that reason is… An accident, not by anyone working at the DWC or indeed any readers. It was all down to the hosts.

The crash happened a year after we first announced the DWC. “Coming Soon: The Doctor Who Companion” was published on 20th February 2016, and Andy and I were proud to see that we’re still here, 12 months later. Then, of course, we weren’t here anymore.

What’s more, we couldn’t even log in!

We were resigned to contacting the host site – the logo and defunct control panel of which you might’ve seen in place of the DWC homepage. They took ages to do anything, and meant Andy was awake at 1am trying to restore the site a few nights in a row. Nightmare.

This morning, we found out that, during a recent audit, our back-up account was accidentally flagged for deletion. No, really. All back-up history was lost. We’ve now been assured that the data on our server is safe, though we apparently have quite different interpretations of the phrase, “this has not impacted your website.”

You might still be having problems and have found this page some other ingenious way. Indeed, the homepage wasn’t even working for me this morning. So try going on it again, and clicking CTRL and F5. This tells your browser to look for new files. This should work if the site is running in some format. This may also work if you’ve visited the HTTP site instead of the HTTPS one (yes, that’s still an annoying issue which we’re working on. The former doesn’t automatically get updated, while the HTTPS one does, and we can’t figure a way around it yet).

Okay, so what should you do if something like this happens again?

First of all, thank you for all the readers and contributors who flagged the issue, and thank you, too, for sticking with us. You’re a loyal bunch, and we really appreciate that.

Your first port of call might be Facebook or Twitter; if we can’t log into the DWC, we’ll let readers know about problems there. Thanks, too, for those contacting us via Disqus – knowing we had fans waiting for our return really validates what we’re doing.

If nothing works, please bear with us. We’ll be working to restore everything back to normal asap.

But let’s put all those troubles behind us (fingers crossed – please, everyone, cross your fingers!). We’re in the middle of Big Finish Week, so keep an eye out for reviews, news, and features as usual.

And don’t forget to download Mary’s Story, an audio adventure from Big Finish free exclusively for readers of The Doctor Who Companion! You’ve only got until 26th February to download it – but then can enjoy it at your leisure.

Onwards and upwards, friends.