The Black Archive 2017/2018 Schedule Announced

Obverse Books have announced the upcoming schedule for The Black Archive – the exciting, eclectic, and exhaustive series of book-length explorations of single Doctor Who stories from 1963 to the present day.

Joining the Archive this time around will be Doctor Who tie-in authors Ian Potter and Una McCormack, along with returning authors Simon Bucher-Jones and Paul Driscoll, who wrote popular volumes on Image of the Fendahl and The God Complex.

A triptych of books will cover the three-part 2015 season finale, Face the Raven, Hell Bent and Heaven Sent, while the celebratory 25th volume will examine the 1996 Doctor Who TV movie.

By the end of 2018, Obverse Books have published stories featuring every official Doctor except the War Doctor (but including the Scream of the Shalka Doctor, bringing the total to 13) – and they will have covered the work of 20 Doctor Who scriptwriters from David Whitaker through to Steven Moffat.

The full list is as follows:

  • March 2017 – The Black Archive #10: Scream of the Shalka by Jon Arnold
  • May 2017 – The Black Archive #11: The Evil of the Daleks by Simon Guerrier
  • July 2017 – The Black Archive #12: Pyramids of Mars by Kate Orman
  • September 2017 – The Black Archive #13: Human Nature / The Family of Blood by Naomi Jacobs and Philip Purser-Hallard
  • November 2017 – The Black Archive #14: The Ultimate Foe by James Cooray Smith
  • January 2018 – The Black Archive #15: Carnival of Monsters by Ian Potter
  • February 2018 – The Black Archive #16: The Twin Dilemma by Gordon Ridout
  • March 2018 – The Black Archive #17: Full Circle by John Toon
  • April 2018 – The Black Archive #18: Marco Polo by Dene October
  • May 2018 – The Black Archive #19: The Impossible Planet / The Satan Pit by Simon Bucher-Jones
  • June 2018 – The Black Archive #20: Face the Raven by Sarah Groenewegen
  • July 2018 – The Black Archive #21: Heaven Sent by Kara Dennison
  • August 2018 – The Black Archive #22: Hell Bent by Alyssa Franke
  • September 2018 – The Black Archive #23: The Curse of Fenric by Una McCormack
  • October 2018 – The Black Archive #24: The Time Warrior by Matthew Kilburn
  • November 2018 – The Black Archive #25: Doctor Who (1996) by Paul Driscoll
  • December 2018 – The Black Archive #26: The Dæmons by Matt Barber

You can check out the whole range over at Obverse Books The Black Archive’s site.