The First Anniversary of The Doctor Who Companion

“Don’t listen to him. It’s just the ravings of a demented space tramp.”

Well here we are! One whole year of The Doctor Who Companion, and what a year it has been. We’ve had a lost classic brought back to life with a sheen of animated goodness, a Doctor departing the TARDIS, a showrunner handing over the keys to the best show in telly during perhaps the most uncertain time for its modern incarnation, and Mr. Men books with the Doctor! Mr. Men books! With the Doctor! What a time to be alive!

So, with the DWC cupboard literally bursting with anniversary articles (and mops), I’ve been charged by my fellow editor and co-founder, Philip Bates, to try and summarise the past 12 months for the site, and, finding no one else to do it, I agreed (I do believe, I was promised Tuc biscuits too).

Writing is weird. Even when you pride yourself on putting personality first, sometimes you’ll only ever find, buried away in the most innocuous of news pieces, the small shoots of a person poking through. In some of our best work, in those pieces that find the perfect balance between being informative and entertaining without ever undermining the point of the article (…never cruel, never cowardly…), it’s positively beaming from the page.

However, what’s weird about writing is that you never really stop. Even when something is complete, published, and dissected, the process continues – you can never really take what worked before with you onto the next piece because, the next piece is always different and always presents new difficulties.

So, when I look back, I don’t see the personality, I see the choices behind that. I see the clock ticking past 3am and the utter dread of ‘oh-god-please-let-this-make-sense’; the excitement getting an exclusive – and that’s not the sense of having something that your fellow fan doesn’t, we’re not like that. It’s more having something to geek out to with Phil; and, of course, it’s those times where you really write something you’re proud of – there will be some time later in the week to share the best of the DWC (we’ve really been spoilt when it comes to our contributors; each of them are absolutely wonderful; stop reading my dreck and go read some of their work).

It’s those memories over the past year that mean more to me. Even the moments when everything went the decidedly pear-shaped.

As for the rest of our anniversary week, we’ll be sharing some of our best work, looking back over a year in Doctor Who, and even enlisting you, dear reader, in our plans. Muhahahah! Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean to sound so sinister *hides behind his stylish cloak*.

Oh, and on that note, thank you. No seriously, thank you so much for stopping by, for commenting, and for sharing our work. Without you, we’d be reduced to standing on street corners offering defenceless old women our forthright opinions on why you should love The Horns of Nimon. And nobody wants that…again…your honour.