Steven Moffat Thought He May Leave Doctor Who in 2015

While the BBC have yet to revoke his parking permit, take his caricature down from Mount Lushmore, or pull his favourite song out of the jukebox, departing showrunner Steven Moffat has been chatting about the time when he suspected that he might have been leaving the job a little earlier than the end of series 10.

In a new interview with Empire, Moffat explained that he thought his number might have been up in 2015 with The Husbands of River Song bring his time as a showrunner to a somewhat natural conclusion.

He said:

“I vaguely thought I’d be going last year. So the last scene of Christmas that year with the Doctor finally making it to the Darillium, which we hear about in the episode just before I took over, was as close as I’ll ever get to making any attempt at closure”.

But, like the Doctor and River, Moffat’s happy ending didn’t last forever. However, unlike the Doctor Moffat isn’t sticking around for 24 years, rather, after opting to continue, he will make way for Chris Chibnall at the end of this series.

He also went on to add that, in Peter Capaldi’s final episode, Chibnall will write the dialogue for the Doctor’s next incarnation, much like the Tennant/Smith handover at the end of, well, The End of Time.

In the same interview, incidentally, Steven Moffat confirmed again too that once he departs the executive producer role on Doctor Who, he won’t return to write for the show again.

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