The Doctor Who Companion Turns 1 Today

There’s an indescribable joy when you rewatch the episode of Doctor Who that first really introduced you to the show and to fandom. 12 years since it first aired, I played Rose (2005) again, thanks to that wonderful Series 1 steelbook. In truth, I rewatch it quite often, but there’s always that special something. Christopher Eccleston’s Ninth Doctor will always be important to me. After all, it was his iteration of the Time Lord that has led me here, pouring hours and hours of each week into this site.

The Doctor Who Companion, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, is 1 year old today, and that feels pretty cool.

Without a lot of people, however, we wouldn’t be here. I hope my appreciation for our contributors is obvious from the three-part feature series with samples from a few pieces from the past 12 months (the concluding feature is coming later today, so keep an eye out for that). But in case it’s not plain to see, I’ll spell it out: the DWC’s contributors are wonderful. All of them.

Right now, though, I’d like to highlight the work of one Andrew Reynolds. You might’ve heard of him, or at least know of his reputation. He stands on street corners screaming about The Horns of Nimon (he refuses to watch the serial’s conclusion, so whenever you ask how many episodes he’s watched, he clutches at his face grotesquely and exclaims, “Three. I have seen three”) – that guy. I want to thank him. I do this via an article on the DWC because if I text him, I’ll just revert to my default setting: a sarcastic “cheers, chump” or something.

Frankly, I’ve no idea how he does what he does, but if the police find out about it, he’s in trouble. See? My default. Seriously though, nobody sees the amount of juggling he has to do between his actual full-time job, freelance work, and the DWC. I hear he has some form of social life too. Apparently. If I were him, I’d have packed it in and gone to live a secluded life with no internet connection in a remote part of Ipswich.

Andy’s writing is genuinely inspirational, and I’m pretty jealous of what he does, but nobody tell him that, okay? He’s also great company on a trip to the Doctor Who Experience; if anyone wants to visit with him, contact his psychiatrist first.

So thank you, Andy. Or in other words: cheers, chump.

I also want to thank you. Yes, you, dear reader. We love reading your comments whenever we can, but there’s also a silent majority out there, reading, and digesting (lunch, presumably). We appreciate everyone who visits, even those folk who come here to shake their fists and say, “I remember when the internet was a good thing.” Liars.

We also know there’s a lot to improve. Niggles persist. Andy’s becoming quite a techie whizz, but some wrinkles are proving difficult to iron out. Redirecting all HTTP traffic to HTTPS is one such example, while another annoyance (the DWC giving into downtime every Monday for a few weeks) has since led to pages loading verrrryy slllooowlllyyy. We will sort it. In time. When we’ve figured out what to do, and why no one has faxed us in months.

Saying that, I’m immensely proud of what we have done in our first year. We’ve covered the big news, the small news, and the incredibly niche. That’s Doctor Who for you. It’s all an intricate fabric, and everything means something to somebody. Does that make sense? I’ll put it in other terms then.

One year of The Doctor Who Companion. I’ll tell you what it has been, at least to me. The trip of a lifetime.