What Did You Think of Doctor Who: Smile?

Welcome to paradise! Week Two of Doctor Who Series 10, and did that episode leave you smiling?

Written by Frank Cottrell-Boyce, Smile saw the Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie) confront Emojibots in a stunning landscape. After Bill’s promising start in The Pilot, this was her first actual trip in the TARDIS, so what did you think? Did you heart️ that episode? Or did it leave you with steam coming out of your ears? The DWC really wants to know. Except…

When approaching this episode, we thought we’d be very witty – very witty, I tell you – and have your usual poll spiced up with a series of emojis. (When did we stop calling them “emoticons” anyway?) Some worked; most didn’t. Oh, the best-laid plans… So here’s your standard poll, and you’ll just have to imagine the different smileys, okay? As ever, the options are basically ranking the episode out of five stars, but we’re not boring enough to simply put “1/5,” “2/5,” etc. The DWC likes to spice things up by failing completely. Style it out, guys and gals. Style it out.

Voted? You’re a dear. That’s not all, though!

We’d love you to expand on your thoughts. What worked? What didn’t? Is Lawrence Gough’s direction perfect for Doctor Who? Is this effort better than Cottrell-Boyce’s previous one, In the Forest of the Night? Fancy a trip to Valencia, which doubled for Gliese 581 D? (No, that’s not an offer.) We’ll collate your thoughts soon in a future feature we like to call Sonic Feedback

Next Time: Out It Comes a Slithering, From Underneath the Thames…