The PodKast with a K Ponders The Pilot (And Kris Marshall!)

Following on from last week’s musings on what Doctor Who Series 10 promises, the PodKast with a K is back, looking at the season’s debut episode.

Christian Cawley and James McLean start by discussing The Pilot, a story that introduced Pearl Mackie’s Bill Potts to the Doctor, to Nardole, to the TARDIS, and most importantly, to the TARDIS loo audience. What did they make of this new companion? And what of Steven Moffat’s latest episode?

Next, they revisit a story the pair previously predicted: is Kris Marshall the Thirteenth Doctor? When he quit Death in Paradise, there was a media storm (betting on Marshall was even suspended at one point), and over time, the dust settled. Then suddenly, the rumours started again! Take a listen to find out what Christian and James reckon.

And what do you think, dear readers/listeners? Did The Pilot live up to, exceed, or lower your expectations? Could Marshall be a Time Lord? Let us know in the comments below!