Your Chance to Save a Classic Monster at the Doctor Who Experience

Election fever has hit Cardiff as The Doctor Who Experience launches its second (and presumably last) monster restoration project, with fans asked to vote for which of the Doctor’s foes from the show’s classic era should be repaired and put on display.

Although it’s sadly set for closure in summer 2017 due to the end of its lease, the museum (Who-seum?) has launched what it describes as ‘the final chapter of the Classic Who monster restoration’ with eight creatures shortlisted to receive the full restoration treatment:

  • Yeti from The Web of Fear
  • Silurian from Warriors of the Deep
  • Sea Devil from Warriors of the Deep
  • Tractator from Frontios
  • Drathro from The Mysterious Planet
  • Vervoid from Terror of the Vervoids
  • Haemovore from The Curse of Fenric
  • Cheetah person from Survival

Long-term Doctor Who special effects supremo, Mike Tucker will oversee the project along with the team at the Model Unit based at Ealing Studios. Mike has won a BAFTA for his work in visual effects and has the rare distinction of working on both the classic and new series of Doctor Who.

Last year’s public vote resulted in victory for the terrifying pairing of Morbius (from The Brain of Morbius) and a Mandrel, from Nightmare of Eden. This year’s shortlist has a heavy weighting towards the 1980s era of the show, with many said to be looking worse for wear with hands or feet missing, heads detached, or having been dismantled and left in a box!

With no news on a permanent or touring home for the exhibition after its closure, this does indeed look to be a last hurrah for the monster costumes from Doctor Who’s past, at least for the time being, and fans will surely be saddened that just one can be restored.

Voting closes onsite at the exhibition at 5pm on Saturday 6th May and online on Friday 5th May at 5pm, with the winning monster due to be announced the following week. The fully restored monster will then be revealed in July. As things stand, the Yeti is building up a commanding lead so if you want to have your say on this other key decision facing the country head to The Doctor Who Experience to cast your vote!