Candy Jar Books Unveil Free Digital-Only Lethbridge-Stewart Short Story, United in Blood

Candy Jar Books have announced the release of its latest free digital-only Lethbridge-Stewart short story, United in Blood by Mark Jones.

Combining a peaceful rural setting with an underbelly of violence, the novella finds Lethbridge-Stewart on a New Year break to visit an old friend in the village of Aldbury. However, something strange is going on; violent attacks are on the rise and Lethbridge-Stewart is caught in the middle of it all.

Writer Mark Jones, who was taught how to write a television script by legendary Thunderbirds creator Gerry Anderson and was also co-creator of the Jon Pertwee and Patrick Troughton TV project, Starwatch, said:

“I wanted the story to feel as much like the early 1970s as possible. I’m old enough to remember how grim it was. In particular, I remember how frightening football violence could be. This story transfers the fears of the terraces to a rural village and throws Lethbridge-Stewart into the mix.”

Range Editor Andy Frankham-Allen said:

“I remember reading about Starwatch in Doctor Who Magazine a few years back. So when Mark started working with Candy Jar on a new project, we grilled him about this. During these conversations he pitched an idea for a short story: Shillingbury Tales meets The Tomorrow People, with a hint of Children of the Stones. I told him to go away and write it.”

The cover art is once again by the talented Richard Young, is described by the artist as a mixture of A Clockwork Orange and Jossey’s Giant.

United in Blood is only available to readers who order the novellas bundle (comprising The Life of Evans, The Flaming Soldier and Day of the Intelligence) which are available from the Candy Jar Books site.