Exterminate: Warlord Games to Release Miniature Models Game

Picture the scene:

“Hey, Bob! You gonna roll the dice or what?”


“Stop stuffing your face with pizza, Bob! We’ve got a Time War to win!”

…or so your Friday nights might go from now on with the release of Warlord Games “Exterminate! Into The Time Vortex Miniatures Game”! Yes, I know that’s a bit of a mouthful (just like Bob’s pizza), but this tabletop miniature models skirmish game looks rather lovely, although not as tasty as a double pepperoni pizza.

Warlord Games have been working on this for a couple of years now and have just announced they are ready for release. There will be multiple expansions available as they are released in the coming months with multiple Doctors, an array of companions and different enemies in a number of different box sets – including Daleks (of course!), Cybermen (naturally!), Zygons and Silents, all backed up with Davros (boo!) and Missy (hiss!).

Take control of either the Daleks or the Cybermen. Pit your wits against your adversaries as you attempt to gather resources vital to your plans before they fall into the hands of your opponents. Build your force from a variety of options and recruit other factions to your cause – whatever it takes to ensure you have the advantage over your foes!

An eternity of adventures awaits you…

The included figures are constructed of pewter and plastic and are all approved by the BBC. You can see in these pictures just how detailed and lovely they are and how much work must have gone into putting all of this together. Although, please note that you have to paint the figures yourself. If you want to. It’s not compulsory. But look what can be achieved…

This initial release consists of everything you need to play, including specially-created, easily-constructed plastic miniatures of two of the Doctor’s iconic foes, the Daleks and the Cybermen, along with Davros and Missy figures. There are three levels of play – the harsh environment of the ‘Battle’,  the ‘Adventure’ and finally an ’Episode’ – and each one has its own number of challenges along the way.

You can pre-order the entire collection here and it looks pretty darn comprehensive to me!

Although, I’m not quite sure why they’ve included “Tetraps” from Time and the Rani as one of the expansion sets? Not exactly top of most people’s lists of iconic monsters, I would imagine, but what the heck!

Looks like fun… anyone free for a game and some pizza on Friday?