BBC Launch Doctor Who Time Vortex 360 Mobile Game

Ever wanted to pilot the TARDIS? Well the BBC have constructed an actual working TARDIS and you and your family can…no, wait. It’s not that. Let’s start over.

Ever wanted to pilot the TARDIS? Well the BBC have launched their first ever 360-degree mobile game, Doctor Who Time Vortex 360.

Fly the TARDIS on its most exhilarating journey yet! Tackle hazards and obstacles emerging from the future ahead of you! Take a unique and literal twist and physically turn yourself around to look backwards in time to evade threats emerging from the past!

The game is an endless runner, which gets more and more difficult the longer you play, taking you on a visually intense journey through the iconic vortex from the show’s opening credits.

To access the game, simply visit this site using your smartphone or tablet and by physically moving their mobile device through 360 degrees, they will be able to fly the TARDIS within an increasingly turbulent time vortex.

Jo Pearce, creative director, BBC Digital Drama, said:

“The beauty of this game is that you can use your mobile phone to fly the TARDIS wherever you are. Digital innovation is at the very heart of Doctor Who – this 360-degree game allows people to navigate the TARDIS through time and space like never before.

“We’ve seen a lot of innovation recently in the 360 and virtual reality space, but the majority has focused on ‘experiential’ video-based experiences. This game, however, brings together the worlds of casual, arcade-style gaming and 360/VR to create a fun Doctor Who experience that people can easily pick up and play, wherever they are.”

Designed as a mobile-first experience for the BBC by Goodboy Digital, the game combines cutting edge HTML5 and WebGL using PixiJS v5.0 to create a breath-taking journey that works on a wide range of hardware.

The game is available to play on BBC Taster, where you can rate the game and provide feedback.