Watch: The Doctor Who Cast Perform Charity Comedy Sketches!

It’s no coincidence that the DWC talks about the Bedford Who Charity Convention: it’s partly because all the money raised goes straight to support the Bedford Foodbank, but also because… well, because I’m its organiser!

To kick off Comedy Week at The Doctor Who Companion, here are two deeply amusing sketches what I wrote. Hope you enjoy them. Any humour that comes from them is entirely down to the performances. They were premiered at Bedford Who Charity Con 3 in April 2017 and they are:

The Master in the Psychiatrist’s Chair


The Psychiatrist: Maureen O’Brien (better known as Vicki from the First Doctor era);

The Master: Geoffrey Beevers (better known as, uhm, the Master).

The Companions’ Reunion Party Sketch


Vicki: Maureen O’Brien;

Steven: Peter Purves (better known as… Oh heck, you can guess, right?);

Sarah-Louise: Sarah Louise Madison (most famous for playing the Weeping Angels).

If you’d like to see the scripts, they’ve been uploaded to our Facebook page. Don’t forget to give us a “Like”, will you?

There are also some pretty pictures of the event, and alternative videos of the sketches.

This year’s Bedford Who Charity Con 3 raised a minimum of £2700 for Bedford Foodbank. They provide emergency food for 500 local people in crisis, every month. Huge thanks to everyone who came.

The guests were incredibly generous: signing autographs and posing for photos in exchange for contributions to the charity bucket. We couldn’t have raised so much money without their kindness, graciousness, enthusiasm and generosity.

Don’t be a stranger: look out for news on next year’s event on the DWC.