Out Now: Big Finish’s Ninth Doctor Chronicles

It remains a crying shame that we never got further stories for Christopher Eccleston’s Ninth Doctor; the actor left after just one series of 13 episodes, but at least the quality of Series 1 was incredible. And earned the show a new legion of fans, throwing it back into the limelight.

Now, the Ninth Doctor is back, albeit without Christopher Eccleston, for Big Finish, in a box set starring Camille Coduri as Jackie Tyler and Bruno Langley as Adam Mitchell.

Here’s what The Ninth Doctor Chronicles features:

1. The Bleeding Heart by Cavan Scott

Galen is a place where people come to heal. The renowned ‘planet of peace’ seems the ideal venue for talks between two warring races. But when death disrupts the diplomacy, Cosmic Nine news reporter Adriana Jarsdel uncovers a different story. Luckily, someone is there to help. A battle-weary veteran from another war. The Doctor has come to Galen – but is he looking for peace, or something else entirely?

2. The Window on the Moor by Una McCormack

Emily and her sisters once told each other fables of warring kingdoms: wicked princes, noble dukes, and their battling armies. Now she wanders the moors of her childhood alone, remembering those tales. The TARDIS arrives amid a strange civil war, with prisons made of glass and cities stalked by terrifying beasts. As windows open between worlds, stories and storyteller meet, and Rose comes face to face with Emily Brontë.

3. The Other Side by Scott Handcock

Rose has invited a new friend on board the TARDIS, against the Doctor’s better judgement. But when the Time Lord tries to take his unwelcome guest home, a temporal tsunami cuts the journey short. The travellers find the source of the disturbance inside an abandoned cinema. Will Adam Mitchell help or hinder when the Doctor and Rose discover what is lurking on the other side of the screen?

4. Retail Therapy by James Goss

Jackie Tyler is a success. Every home should have a Glubby Glub, and Jackie is star saleswoman on the Powell Estate. At last, she’s found her calling and it’s only a matter of time before she can give Rose the life she deserves. But the Doctor isn’t impressed. Jackie Tyler isn’t just filling peoples’ houses with useless clutter. He believes she’s launching an alien invasion…

So the Doctor meets another historical author, and there’s an unseen story between Dalek and The Long Game! Certainly sounds intriguing…

Also starring Nick Briggs, The Ninth Doctor Chronicles is out now exclusively from Big Finish, at just £23 on CD or £20 as a download.

  • Dr. Moo (pyramidical)

    These have been out for a while. Naturally I listened on the day of release, and was pleasantly surprised.

    The Bleeding Heart is a stellar character piece set before he returns to take on Rose. 8/10
    The Window on the Moor
    was the weakest of the set but in a really interesting way that still makes it worth the time. 5/10
    The Other Side
    is better than you’d expect, it’s a very series one story (if that makes sense) and is so in the best possible way. It offers up some new areas to set future Nine stories too, which is good. 7/10
    Retail Therapy
    is one I refuse to spoil apart from to say that Jackie never got material as good as this before and it’s one of the strongest Doctor Who storylines released so far this year. 10/10

    The only problem I had with this was Nick Briggs playing the Doctor. He sounds like a bad impression done for a parody, not like an impression in a genuine serious release. Getting used to Nickstopher Briggleston takes some time but he does stop being noticeable after a while. His Rose voice on the other hand… Briggie Piper has to be heard to be believed.
    But getting past that you can find four strong stories that far exceeded expectations. This boxset was (I’m sorry) absolutely fantastic.

    • Jason Z

      I haven’t heard Briggs’ Eccleston, though I think I did read that he does the same thing in Destiny of the Doctor too. When I listened to The Kingmaker I thought that the guy playing Richard III, Stephen Beckett, sounded just like Eccleston – even though I see from IMDB that he is from London. He must have been putting on that accent, I suppose. Maybe Big Finish should re-cast and be done with it? Possibly a controversial suggestion, sorry…