Rachel Talalay to Direct Christmas Special

Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat’s final bow will be directed by season finale veteran Rachel Talalay, who has previously shot the final episodes of series 8, 9 and 10.

Moffat confirmed Talalay would take the helm of 2017’s Christmas Special to the Huffington Post, where he said:

“We checked up on Rachel several times on Doctor Who, because she’s got phenomenal experience in genre and action. Frankly, making big-budget spectaculars on no money at all is what we need, and Rachel’s got such a deep background, and such great ability at that! I’m working with her right now, actually: we’re just finishing up on the finale episodes, and planning the Christmas one, which she’s also directing — which is my very last one.”

Talalay herself then tweeted to confirm the news while also suggesting that this will be her last episode too. Hinting that Chris Chibnall might be blooding an entirely new team of go-to directors for the start of his reign.

As for the Christmas Special itself (and potential spoilers ahead), rumours abound that David Bradley could reprise his role as the First Doctor in an adventure to save Gallifrey by shifting it to another dimension – with Capaldi’s first appearance, the brief glimpse of his eyes in The Day of the Doctor, believed to be the start of his regeneration.

Doctor Who returns this Saturday with The Lie of the Land on BBC One at 7:35 pm.