Samantha Spiro Speaks About Her Mysterious Doctor Who Character

In between the jaw-dropping reveals, fake beards, possible regenerations and returning Cybermen, there’s one mystery at the centre of this season’s finale that we start ruling some of the more outlandish rumours about and that’s the identity of the character played by Samantha Spiro in The Doctor Falls.

Is she a grown-up version of Susan, the Doctor’s granddaughter? Is she the next Doctor? Well, no, as it turns out. Instead, according to the Radio Times, she’ll be playing a character called Hazran, and, as far as Spiro is concerned, she lives on a farm in a very beautiful rural setting (which doesn’t exactly scream white-hot series finale action but sounds rather lovely).

Spiro elaborated on her farmyard experiences:

“The farmhouse where they live, she is protecting and looking after quite a few children, and there are adults who work the land as well. It’s fairly idyllic, usually, but where we catch her and their life they are under attack from the Cybermen – so thing’s aren’t great currently for Hazran.

“She’s the sort of person who’s trying to hold it all together and probably wouldn’t be successful if it wasn’t for a bit of help that we get from the Doctor.”

That sounds as though she’ll oversee some of the citizens of the colony last seen in the penultimate episode, World Enough and Time who come under attack when the Mondasian Cybermen begin converting the entire populace.

While the actual reveal isn’t as exciting as being the next Doctor (she does get to wield a shotgun though, so it isn’t all bad news) there’s no hard feelings for Spiro, who guess she wasn’t going to be the new Doctor but certainly enjoyed the speculation.

She said:

“It’s always fun when there’s speculation like that, and because nobody knows who the next Doctor is at the moment, you let people run with these things – so it’s all good fun!

“It was brilliant for someone like me who probably didn’t think they’d be doing much more of this kind of stuff to be there with a gun shooting Cybermen – lovely!”

Lovely indeed! You’ll get to see Spiro shooting a whole host of Cybermen this Saturday when Doctor Who series 10 concludes (yes, really) with The Doctor Falls on BBC One at 6:30 PM.