Samantha Spiro and The Sombre Mood of Peter Capaldi’s Final Days as The Doctor

The twelfth hour is nearly upon us and as we head into darkness with Peter Capaldi’s Doctor that last fateful time, a growing sense of sadness and reflection surrounds his exit.

It’s something of a comfort to know that the same mood also purveyed the set too where guest star Samantha Spiro found herself thrown into the final days of a cast and crew that have worked side by side for years.

Lifting the lid on what it was like for Peter Capaldi to film his last full series, Spiro, who plays a character called Hazran in The Doctor Falls, told the Radio Times about the slightly sombre mood on set.

She said:

“I do think you could really sense that on set. And it’s funny going in when the whole crew’s been working on it for many years, and coming to the end of Peter’s time, because there’s a great camaraderie on set, they are a really fantastic crew.

“I think it really did add, not just in the scenes that were very emotional but there is a sense of it throughout, and I couldn’t help but get swept up with that really because it’s the end of a really fabulous era.

“Three years for Peter, but ten years for some of the crew who probably won’t be moving on now because there’s a whole new production.”

While we know that Chris Chibnall is keen to wipe the slate clean, could Spiro’s comment suggest that the production itself will move lock stock away from Cardiff all together? The amenities and experience are in Cardiff, so to say that they won’t be moving with them does seem to suggest that some of that talent will continue to work at Roath Lock while Doctor Who goes elsewhere, possibly to Manchester.

It’s a lot to extract from her comment but it’s interesting nonetheless.

She added:

“Because this is the final episode there’s some really fantastic epic pieces that Peter deals with as the Doctor in this episode that I found really quite a privilege to witness, it really took my breath away.  I think he’s brilliant.”

Here’s hoping that Peter Capaldi gets a send-off fitting of his sterling work as the Doctor. Doctor Who series 10 concludes this Saturday with The Doctor Falls on BBC One at 6:30 pm.