Steven Moffat Was Hoping That Peter Capaldi Would Stay On As The Doctor

Saying goodbye is the hardest thing to do, especially when it’s your childhood hero and you’ve already done it twice before.

Steven Moffat has told The Chris Evans Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2, via the Radio Times,  that he wanted Peter Capaldi to stay on for the next series of Doctor Who – if only so he didn’t have to go through the trauma of saying goodbye to another Doctor.

Moffat said:

“I was hoping he would stay on. There’s only so much emotional trauma you can bear. I have had three versions of my childhood hero hand in their resignation to me, and there is no specific therapy for that; it is really quite difficult. [It’s like] Santa Claus quitting in front of you.”

He added that when he and Peter Capaldi sat down to discuss his impending departure, the conversation was characterised by ‘a curt exchange of nods and suppressed emotion’.

He said:

“We are Scottish and we do not discuss emotion.”

Moffat later joked that one of the reasons why he decided to leave Doctor Who was because he was tired.

He added:

“It’s been a long time and it completely fills the sky when you are doing Doctor Who; there’s no time for anything else. It’s so dominant…I just thought, ‘I’m just tired I want to try something else, I want to do other things.’”

Doctor Who series 10 concludes with The Doctor Falls this Saturday on BBC One at 18:30.