A Call for Optimism

So, the initial dust has settled and the people behind what’s become known as the internet seem calmer. How are we all doing out there? Everyone excited? I certainly am, a new era is coming to Doctor Who, something bold and fresh and new and quite frankly, it’s just what the Doctor ordered.

Doctor Who has been at the top of its game for the last 10 years, offering wonderful adventures, sumptuous visuals and top notch acting. But over the last two years, the wind has left the sails somewhat. There’s a slight need for the show to catch a second breath and start moving forward powerfully as it did when it hit the ground running in 2005-cue Jodie Whittaker and what will surely be the boldest take on Gallifrey’s most infamous child yet.

There’s been a lot of whining the past few days regarding the Doctor’s gender- quite simply, this shouldn’t be an issue for anyone. The Doctor will always be the Doctor provided the actor playing the role gets it right and in 53 years we’ve not seem one board-treader get it wrong, why should things be any different for Whittaker? Of course, Doctor Who has been a bit of a boy’s club for the last half century with only men taking up the mantle and so when something like this comes around, as it always would, there’s going to be a fair bit of fear and probably disregard and definitely abject horror and in one odd case on Twitter, swearing in caps lock at no one in particular.

But this is a show, as we all know, that moves forward on hopes and dreams, on inclusivity and fairness and on fun and kindness. Why is it that some think that a woman can’t be the Doctor amd the Doctor can’t be a woman? Absolutely she can. There is not one argument to be had that says Time Lords are absolutely male or female. It’s happening, it has already happened and years from now 2018 will be heralded as a new Golden Age for Doctor Who, mark my words. Finally, young women watching the show can have a heroine to follow, not a show dominated by male leads but something different. Doctor Who will always have a wonderfully rich history and this will only serve to make it bigger and bolder. Once Whittaker has taken on some Zygons, defeated some Cybermen, sorted out the Master (or Mistress or whatever name he/ she goes by next) and blown up some Daleks, no one will ever wonder how anyone else managed to do it so well, and can you imagine the exchanges with Davros? Fantastic.

Don’t be scared of something new, embrace it. In the scheme of things, none of it really matters, we’ll all be dust in 500 years time but Doctor Who will remain, probably as a holographic show that you can take part in via retina installed VR simulations. Wouldn’t it be nice to think that fans in the future, who we would hope are inclusive and kind and aren’t hopeless bigots, were looking at all of the acting talent available when making a wish list for their next Doctor and not just a list of men who aren’t quite up to scratch for the role but are men nonetheless and so fit the preconceived notion of what the Doctor should look like.

Buckle up, ’cause there’s going to be a new Doctor in town come 2018, and she is definitely going to earn the title of’ The Oncoming Storm’