Doctor Who Christmas Special ‘Twice Upon A Time’ Trailer and New Images Revealed

The Doctor Who Christmas special will be called Twice Upon A Time and feature Peter Capaldi in his final appearance as the Twelve Doctor, David Bradley as the First Doctor, Pearl Mackie, who will return as Bill, and Mark Gatiss as a World War 1 soldier known as The Captain.

What’s more, the BBC have released several new pictures of all four stars – although there’s no confirmation just yet of Jenna Coleman’s return – with The Captain pictured alongside both Doctors; hinting at greater part to play in the story.

This is the fourth character played by Mark Gatiss in Doctor Who, having previously appeared as a mutated scientist called Professor Lazarus in 2007 episode The Lazarus Experiment, voiced a World War II pilot nicknamed ‘Danny Boy’ in 2010/2011 episodes Victory of the Daleks and A Good Man Goes to War, and a mysterious figure called Gantok in The Wedding of River Song.

And then there’s a rather snowy picture of Bill too.

A brand-new trailer, fresh from the geek haven that is San Diego Comic Con’s Doctor Who panel, features a glimpse of both the Doctor’s regenerations, Peter Capaldi’s magnificent hair, the Doctors trapped in a single moment in time, a reunion with Bill, and some antics with a chain.

Check it out below.

Twice Upon A Time airs Christmas Day on BBC One.