David Tennant Tops eBay’s “Most Listed Doctor” Survey

Who’s the most popular Doctor? It’s a question that will rightly divide fans into so many factions, they could create a new Time War. You might consider who captured the nation’s heart in a particular way; how great a Doctor’s stories are; how long they stayed for; what childhood memories you have; or who you think of as “My Doctor”.

eBay has taken a different approach, assessing how many “current” listings there are for each incarnation of the Doctor. And with almost 6,000 listings (as of the survey date, 19th July 2017), the Tenth Doctor, David Tennant has topped the list! In the last three months, Tennant’s Doctor sold more than one related item per hour.

In second comes Tom Baker, the Fourth Doctor, with nearly 2,000 related items in the 90 days prior to 19th July, followed by Peter Capaldi (11 items every day in three months), and Matt Smith, who sold 10 related products each day in the same period.

The online auction site also revealed that a sonic screwdriver sold on eBay every hour in the last three months!

The list of the Top 10 Doctors according to listings sadly excludes Sylvester McCoy, John Hurt, and Christopher Eccleston. It runs:

  1. David Tennant
  2. Tom Baker
  3. Peter Capaldi
  4. Matt Smith
  5. Jon Pertwee
  6. Peter Davison
  7. William Hartnell
  8. Patrick Troughton
  9. Paul McGann
  10. Colin Baker

Of course, this is of interest to Doctor Who fans, but hardly gives us an accurate picture of which Doctors are most popular. It all depends on various factors, notably the amount of merchandise produced for each incarnation. There was a memorabilia explosion around 2006, finally fading somewhat by the time 2011 rolled around. I’m thinking about action figures especially – with Character Options reducing their size for the late Matt Smith era and throughout Peter Capaldi’s tenure, the range’s popularity seemed to plummet.

So how much sway should this carry? Probably very little. Nonetheless, one fact is certainly nice to hear: on 19th July, there were some 190,000 Doctor Who listings on eBay alone. Yep, that’s testament to the show’s ongoing acclaim.