Artist, Rachael Stott Talks Titan Comics and Her Love of Doctor Who

With Titan Comics’ The Lost Dimension event kicking off later this week, Rachael Stott took some time out to talk about being the regular artist behind The Twelfth Doctor comic.

Though she won’t divulge any details about The Lost Dimension – “Not even if you lock me in a confession dial” – she did enthuse about working on the regular title featuring Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor. She says:

“I just think everything about him is fantastic. I love his performance, the way he seems so much less aloof and removed than other Doctors… One thing I’ve noticed is that sometimes when Capaldi delivers a line, if you imagine it written down then I think most people would deliver it in a totally different tone. Like in a recent episode he said “I knew a king made of algae … he fancied me,” and he said it in such a sombre, serious way that it was more hilarious than if you’d have said it all cheeky and with a wink and a strut. So I try to do that with the comics- take some of the lines and draw them being delivered in an unexpected way.”

But Stott’s love for the show runs deep. She goes on:

“I love drawing things from classic Who. [Writer] Robbie Morrison tends to give me really fun things to draw, like early on we did this really fun Third Doctor spread, or our most recent story where I was able to slip in all sorts of cameos. It’s pure nerdvana to be drawing Mondasian Cybermen, Menoptra, and Scaroth in his funky ’70’s duds.”

Of course, you might be sceptical about picking up Titan’s Doctor Who comics, for fear they won’t represent how you view the series. Fortunately, Rachael aims to ease your concerns:

“[The writing teams] perfectly tread the line between feeling very familiar whilst also exploiting the opportunity to do things that you just don’t have the time or budget for on TV. Which could be gigantic crazy alien creatures, or the opportunities we get to show little character moments that flesh out the Doctor/Companion relationship a bit further.”

We, the DWC, love Titan’s releases, so have no qualms about recommending them. In fact, that’s why we’ve got a whole week dedicated to Titan, starting today – keep your eyes peeled!

The latest collection of Twelfth Doctor comics, Sonic Boom, is out now, with art by Rachael Stott and Mariano Laclaustra.