Out Now: Doctor Who Short Trips – The British Invasion

Fancy an exciting new adventure with the Second Doctor for less than £3? Well look no further than the latest Short Trip tale from Big Finish, The British Invasion, read by Wendy Padbury, who played the Second Doctor’s companion Zoe.

The British Invasion, written by Ian Porter and directed by Lisa Bowerman, sees the TARDIS crew of the Second Doctor, Zoe, and Jamie come face to face with a huge metal dome by the side of the river Thames, which contains a device that might change the entire future of humanity. The Doctor, Zoe and Jamie embark on a small act of kindness but the TARDIS seems oddly unwilling to help. It’s as if it knows the truth. There is something waiting here, something adaptable and cunning, gathering its strength to conquer the stars.

Producer Ian Atkins says:

“I’m always so impressed with the work Wendy Padbury does for Big Finish even though she modestly talks down her talents. I think The British Invasion shows her at her best, with such an affectionate take on Jamie and the Doctor, as well as devouring Ian Potter’s multi-layered prose.

“Ian’s research into this Short Trip was astonishing, and I really appreciate it when a writer gives their all to ‘just’ a short story. It makes it particularly special and keeps the range’s quality as high as possible. Ian’s treatise on the modus operandi of the story’s villain was exhaustively researched, as was his portrayal of the Festival of Britain. Google this to find out how 1951 saw the future. And listen to the Short Trip to find out how it nearly didn’t see 1952…”

While writer Ian Porter adds a little history behind the tale:

“Back in 1951 when Britain was still recovering from the 2nd World War, a countrywide event was held looking forward to a brighter future for the nation and looking back on its history with a sense of pride – The Festival of Britain. On London’s South Bank strikingly modern buildings sprouted up full of wonders and spectacle. The modern marvel of television was displayed in the Telekinema on the site now occupied by the British Film Institute and the dramatic Skylon and Dome of Discovery brought futuristic ‘Dan Dare’ architecture to the London’s skyline.

“I think there’s definitely something of the Festival of Britain’s aspirations for the future and celebration of history woven into the DNA of early Doctor Who, so it was a delight to put the Doctor and his companions into the Festival and explore the gap between the history and future on display with the history and future they’d lived and travelled through.”

Doctor Who Short Trips – The British Invasion by Ian Porter and read by Wendy Padbury, is available to download now from the Big Finish site for just £2.99.