Coming Soon: Doctor Who Infinity – A New PC and Mobile Game

A brand-new Doctor Who PC and mobile game called Doctor Who Infinity is set to launch next Spring.

Created by Tiny Rebel Games, the big brains behind Doctor Who: Legacy, and licensed by BBC Worldwide, the game will apparently be a role-playing puzzle game based around solving “match three gems”-style challenges and building and levelling up a team of Doctors and companions through several story-based campaigns, with the whole effect designed “to immerse players in comic book style puzzle adventures.”

Speaking to the Radio Times, Susan Cummings, Executive Producer for Tiny Rebel Games, refused to be drawn on the details:

“We aren’t revealing many gameplay details at this time, so early on.

“But what we can tell you is that there will be many differences revealed at launch. This isn’t a sequel, this is a new platform for delivery of stories written by well-known Doctor Who writers.

“Whilst the core mechanic of manipulating detachable gems is still present, we’re going massively beyond what we’ve done – or honestly what anyone has done – to create rich narratives that our players will engage with in a wide variety of ways, to experience Doctor Who stories like never before.”


The first of these stories, The Dalek Invasion of Time, featuring the Twelfth Doctor and Missy, as played by Peter Capaldi and Michelle Gomez, is written by Doctor Who novelist and comic book writer George Mann and features art by Mike Collins, who drew The Dalek Project and The Only Good Dalek graphic novels. Each subsequent game will feature a different creative team.

The previous game by Tiny Rebel Games, Doctor Who: Legacy, was launched in 2013, and was a originally a Matt Smith-based adventure before being updated to serve Peter Capaldi’s Doctor in later iterations. The game has attracted over 2.5 million users over the years and boasts over 120 hours of gameplay, with updates added weekly.

Doctor Who Infinity is funded in a joint venture between British game publisher/developer Double Eleven Limited and the Welsh Government’s Media Investment Budget, following developer Tiny Rebel Games’ move to Wales last year.

The game will have a ‘soft launch’ in early Spring and become available on PC, iTunes and Google Play a short while after.