Twice Upon a Time: Director Rachel Talalay Teases More Tenth Planet Reconstructions

Not only will this year’s Christmas special, Twice Upon a Time, bid a fond farewell to both Steven Moffat and Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor – not to mention the arrival of the Thirteenth Doctor, Jodie Whittaker – but it will also see the First Doctor return to the fold as David Bradley reprises his role from the docudrama An Adventure in Space and Time.  

It’s the return of the First Doctor that has thrown up some interesting questions – and with the first trailer showing moments from the First Doctor’s final serial, The Tenth Planet, it also throws up the possibility of the show extending the recreation to a few more moments from the First Doctor’s last stand.

In a recent interview with the This Week in Time Travel podcast (via the Radio Times), finale director Rachel Talalay – who will also be departing the show after the Christmas special –  teased that she has become something of a ‘Tenth Planet expert’ in the build up to shooting this year’s special:

“I think I’ve watched Tenth Planet more than anybody.”

She then went on to tease:

“Sections of it I’ve watched over and over again for reasons that will become clearer over Christmas.

“And also different reconstructions and the animated reconstructions. So yeah – I’ve watched sections of it a LOT.”

It’s intrigue and perhaps means that we’ll be seeing more recreations of The Tenth Planet – although we hope they’ll not ‘morph’ in quite the same way as the trailer did – and maybe even his final moments. Either way, with Moffat and Capaldi such fans of the show, it seems likely that neither will be able to avoid meshing together two eras of the show and spinning a finale for two Doctors that ties opposing ends of the shows history together.

Doctor Who returns Christmas Day with Twice Upon a Time on BBC One.