Introducing the DWC’s Halloween Fiction Project

We like to do things a bit differently at The Doctor Who Companion. Hopefully, you’re enjoying what we’re doing, and that’s why you’re here – but if you’re new here, welcome; please do stick around.

Last Christmas, we ran a fiction project across a couple of weeks, giving our writers the opportunity to concoct tales featuring their favourite Time Lord. Every incarnation was covered, in festive tales that ran the breadth of the Christmas/New Year period. We wanted to do a follow-up project, but didn’t want to recreate what we’d done in 2016: we wanted to tweak the format and see what else our writers could do. (Plus we’ve got something else lined up for Christmas that we’re pretty excited about.)

So this year, we’ve done a Hallowe’en fiction project that begins today and runs until 29th October 2017. Yes, we know Hallowe’en isn’t until the 31st October, but it didn’t feel right publishing stories related to the annual event after Hallowe’en. We’ve elected to give you scary tales as a primer to Hallowe’en. Most will be celebrating it the weekend before regardless, as 31st falls on a Tuesday.

The rules set for our writers to follow have changed too. The word limit was extended to between 1,500 and 1,800 (-ish) words, and they couldn’t feature the Doctor. This time, we’re focusing purely on the much-loved monsters throughout the show’s history. It just feels appropriate, right?

Thank you to James Lomond for being the editorial force behind the project, to Richard Forbes whose images introduce each short story, and, of course, to all our writers.

The project kicks off later today with a tale from Jeremy Remy that takes us back to the Psychic Circus. And this week, we have Jonathan Appleton’s love letter to some distant cousins; James Baldock shining a light on a darkness in America; Peter Shaw regaling the dreams of a tortured man; Tony Jones bringing together the ideas of two serials from different eras of Doctor Who; Richard Forbes losing his head; James Lomond reflecting on gold; and… Oh, I can’t quite remember what mine’s about…

News will, naturally, continue in conjunction with these fictions.

So sit back, enjoy, and maybe keep the lights on at night. As ever, we welcome your comments on all our short stories, and look forward to hearing your thoughts.