The Daemons of Devil’s End Coming to DVD and Paperback Next Month

Fans of classic Third Doctor story The Daemons are in for a treat next month with the release of a brand-new production centered on one of the story’s memorable characters.

The Daemons of Devil’s End, a new DVD from Reeltime Productions, will include the new drama White Witch of Devil’s End starring Damaris Hayman who reprises her role as Olive Hawthorne, the feisty protector of the seemingly sleepy English village visited by an ancient evil. Hayman’s portrayal of the brave guardian who took on the Master (and gave The Doctor a run for his money too) was one of the many elements which have made the 1971 story such an enduring favourite.

The new story is a collection of tales based on episodes from Olive Hawthorne’s life, from teenage years to to old age. Turns out, Devil’s End has a long history of being visited by malevolent forces and Hawthorne has had her work cut out as the last line of defence against monsters, vampires, and faeries. As she reflects on her long life, Hawthorne questions what’s going to happen when she’s no longer around to protect the village…

The new story is part of a three disk set which also includes Return to Devil’s End, the fondly remembered 1992 documentary which renuites the classic UNIT team of Jon Pertwee, Nicholas Courtney, Richard Franklin, and John Levene as they share memories of the production of The Daemons on a return visit to Aldboune in Wiltshire where the story was filmed. The third disk features The Daemons Revisited, a collection of footage from conventions in Aldbourne.

The new story has also been novelised by writers Suzanne Barbieri, Debbie Bennett, Raven Dane, Jan Edwards, David J Howe, and Sam Stone in an edition edited by Stone which expands on the filmed production. In a nice touch, publishers Telos have prepared a special edition A-format paperback release with a cover by Andrew-Mark Thompson which has been designed to fit alongside your classic Target novelisations on the shelf.

Thompson (whose blog depicting Doctor Who merchandise which never existed is a must-read) has also compiled a dossier of UNIT archive artefacts which concern the other-worldly events at Devil’s End over the years. This special edition can be pre-ordered from Telos priced £12.99 but best be quick as it’s expected to sell out. A standard edition B-format edition priced £9.99 which features the same cover image as the DVD is also available from Telos and Amazon.

The Daemons of Devil’s End DVD is available from 13th November 2017 and can be ordered from Time Travel TV and other retailers priced £19.99.