Titan Comics’ Doctor Who Range to Go on Hiatus Until May 2018

It sounds like Titan Comics’ Doctor Who range will be taking a short break in 2018, and relaunching with a smaller pool of titles.

At the MCM London Comic Con, Chris Thompson presented a panel teasing the near future for Titan, including a brief statement about the Who range. Actual details were few and far between, but it did apparently state that, after the current runs have concluded, the comics will be taking a brief hiatus before relaunching with new issue #1s (similar to previous years) in May 2018.

We’re promised a more affordable line – meaning fewer series – yet allowing fans of whichever eras to enjoy as the Doctors are all represented. Those statements seem juxtaposing, but perhaps an anthology title is in the making… That’s purely speculation, however, so don’t hold your breath. Equally, this could mean fewer ongoing series, but more miniseries – indeed, the Third, Fourth, and Eighth Doctors’ limited runs were all received enthusiastically.

There will also be “big name creators” – but then, that’s already the case. I’m just hoping that Nick Abadzis, Rachael Stott, Cavan Scott, and co. are still contributing to the comics.

This all gives the impression of an uncertain future, but we’re also promised better shipping schedules (the latest event, The Lost Dimension, for instance, has been messed around somewhat as release dates shifted around) and more extensive marketing. Fingers crossed these will ensure the longevity of Titan’s Who work.

It’s uncertain quite when the range will take a break, but judging from the current known solicitations, The Tenth Doctor will conclude with #3.14 in February 2018; and The Eleventh Doctor in December 2017’s #3.13. As for The Twelfth Doctor, the farthest ahead we know about January’s #3.12, although the synopsis for that issue doesn’t hint at any sort of conclusions.

In effect, we’re looking at a hiatus of between 2 and 5 months, depending on the title.

We don’t know whether Torchwood will be affected, but presumably so – the latest miniseries, The Culling, is collected in a graphic novel in early April 2017, but no other issues have been announced.

What do you think, DWC readers? Will this break rejuvenate the lines? Or is it unnecessary? And what’s caused this break? Could it be the apparent lack of TV series until Autumn 2018, as rumoured…?