Check Out The Children in Need Preview of Twice Upon A Time

And here we are: a look at Peter Capaldi’s last regular episode as the Twelfth Doctor in Twice Upon A Time, courtesy of this year’s Children in Need charity event!

The story segues from the cliffhanger to the Series 10 finale, The Doctor Falls, in which a moody Doctor refuses to let destiny take its course and regeneration; as the TARDIS materialises in a new place, he digs his hands into the snow, looks at his snowy surroundings, and finds – the Doctor. Albeit the First Doctor, played here by David Bradley (Dinosaurs on a Spaceship; An Adventure in Space and Time).

Let’s get on with it, shall we? Check out the brand new clip here:

Very exciting! The First Doctor’s entrance into the Twelfth’s TARDIS! Lovely. But what a lovely moment for Mark Gatiss’ character, too, his sadness to hear “World War One“.

Twice Upon A Time is written by Steven Moffat, his last as showrunner (a big milestone considering his first series in the role was Series 5, broadcast in 2010, but he’s been writing for the show since its return in 2005!), and directed by Rachel Talalay (Heaven Sent/ Hell BentWorld Enough and Time/ The Doctor Falls).

The festive special co-stars Toby Whithouse, Lily Travers, and Jared Garfield, and airs on 25th December 2017. We cannot wait. Just over a month to go…

Stick with Children in Need on BBC1 for a Blue Peter/Strictly Come Dancing mash-up; the Rickshaw Challenge, supported by The One Show; Rita Ora; a sneak peek at the Christmas special of Call the Midwife; The Children’s Choir; and the Sir Terry Wogan Fundraiser of the Year. And on BBC2: The Weakest Link Celebrity Special for Children in Need – ideal if you’re feeling nostalgic for Bad Wolf, although I doubt the weakest links will be turned into Daleks…

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