Official Trailer Released for Animated Fourth Doctor Story, Shada

In 1983, the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) and Romana II (Lalla Ward) were punting down the river when they were suddenly struck by a time eddy. While the other incarnations of the Doctor sorted out the mishap, when the pair were deposited back into their timeline, their subsequent adventure was affected by time distortion, meaning some parts of their immediate life were in 3D, and others in 2D. That’s right: they were briefly animated!

Now, the resulting story is finally being released on DVD and Blu-ray.

Okay, so not really. That didn’t really happen; instead, recording of Shada was halted by industrial action at the BBC, so this Douglas Adams-penned serial was never finished. Many scenes were filmed, but as others weren’t, the story was never broadcast. Fortunately, it’s been BBC Worldwide’s latest project – animating the remaining sequences, fitting them with voice recordings by the original cast, and releasing them for all to see.

And we’re now afforded a glimpse at the animation in action, thanks to this exciting trailer:

We don’t get to see loads of animation, but the bits we do glimpse are certainly promising, and we otherwise enjoy proper film, spruced up to the finest quality ever.

Oh yes, we’re excited to see this.

Shada is available on DVD (RRP £13.99), Blu-ray (£19.99), and Steelbook (£24.99) on 4th December 2017. Stay tuned to the DWC for plenty more about this upcoming release.