Peter Capaldi Cried During Announcement of his Departure

You’re not the only one who shed a tear when Peter Capaldi announced he’d be leaving Doctor Who this year – Capaldi himself cried too.

The announcement was made in January on Jo Whiley’s Radio 2 show, and now the host has revealed:

“That was one of the funniest, most extraordinary moments I’ve ever had on air I think. The fact that he chose to come on our show – and I remember saying to my producer, ‘Peter just wants to come on the show and talk about Doctor Who? That’s great, but any idea why?’ Bit random, but brilliant. I love him, and I love Doctor Who; it’s fantastic! And then he came and sat there and kept saying all the time ‘When am I finished? When do you want me to leave?’ Obviously he was just trying to work out when within the hour he should drop the bombshell…

“And his eyes were just brimming with tears, and it was obviously a hugely big deal for him. A very emotional experience to tell everyone that this was it, that this was his time to move on. And I felt really privileged that he decided to do it on the show.”

It’s no surprise, and of course, we can understand – though not to its fullest extent – how leaving the role of a lifetime can cause some distress; indeed, many fans were gutted to hear he’d be stepping down as the Twelfth Doctor. This was just made worse when we saw his great dynamic with Pearl Mackie (as Bill Potts) and Matt Lucas (as Nardole) during Series 10.

In retrospect, the announcement had to be made prior to Series 10, as World Enough and Time/ The Doctor Falls saw the Doctor begin to regenerate, leading into Capaldi’s swansong.

It’s sad to contemplate that, although Peter’s still the current Doctor, he’s finished filming now, and the next TARDIS incumbent, Jodie Whittaker, has began shooting for Series 11.

Nonetheless, let’s remember his time as the Time Lord fondly, in the knowledge that once the Doctor, always the Doctor.

Twice Upon A Time, co-starring David Bradley as the First Doctor, is expected to air on Christmas Day 2017.