Candy Jar Books Wishes You A Merry Christmas with Free Lethbridge-Stewart Story

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – yes, Christmas is upon us, and Candy Jar Books is celebrating with a free Lethbridge-Stewart story, available to all!

The Case of the Missing Fairy is written by Steven Walton, and you can download the PDF now from the Candy Jar site.

Range Editor, Andy Frankham-Allen says:

“When Shaun [Russell, head of publishing] told me he wanted a Christmas story, I groaned and said, ‘well, I don’t have time to write one,’ but then I re-thought and realised that I may have a man who did. So I turned to a young writer I know who wanted to write for the series. Enter Steven Walton. He jumped on board with barely a second’s hesitation, and I then tasked him with sending me a few ideas set within the period that Lethbridge-Stewart served as maths teacher in Brendon School, a period of his life we’ve not really touched upon yet. Steve sent me a few ideas, but that one that appealed to me the most was the whimsical notion of Lethbridge-Stewart investigating the disappearance of a Christmas tree fairy.”

Steven Walton says:

“I’ve always considered the Brigadier to be the Doctor’s Watson, but as this range has him in the lead role I thought why not make him Sherlock Holmes? Set in a time when he can’t remember the Doctor, the story focuses on those mini adventures in his everyday life. And what a better time to do a silly but fun detective story than at Christmas.”

Shaun Russell adds:

“Our seasonal short stories have become something of a tradition, and it was important to me that this year be no different. Steven had produced a lovely, and amusing, little ditty for Christmas, and in quick time, too. Perfect reading after a hearty Christmas dinner!”

The Case of the Missing Fairy will be available for free on the Candy Jar website over Christmas.

The publishing company also has a Christmas sale on, including numerous Lethbridge-Stewart titles, like bundles. You can even get two selected titles for as little as £8 – so don’t forget to check that out!

Sadly, Candy Jar Books has recently announced that, for the foreseeable future, there will be no new editions of anthology series, The HAVOC Files. Andy Frankham-Allen issues this statement to those who submitted story ideas through this year’s open submission window:

“There are several logistic and legal reasons behind our decision, however, please note we are not cancelling the range, just resting it for the foreseeable future. So to anybody who submitted a story idea to us, please be aware that there are two options open to you; you can either retain your idea and repurpose it for other use, or you can allow us to hold on to it and look at it again if/when we do another HAVOC Files release. Please drop us an email ( to let us know which option you wish to take.”

Fortunately, early 2018 promises a limited edition range of Lethbridge-Stewart Series 5 novels, beginning with A Very Private Haunting by Sharon Bidwell. Further into 2018, the novella range continues with Frankham-Allen’s The Lost Skin.

Head over to Candy Jar now to download your free story!