Complete Doctor Who Seasons to be Released on Blu-ray?

What appears to be an online gaffe indicates that the BBC might release Blu-ray titles of complete Doctor Who seasons.

The mistake was made by Best Buy, a multinational electronics company over 50 years old, a few hours ago; watchful fans spotted a very interesting listing that read:

“Doctor Who: Tom Baker Complete First Season (Blu-Ray Disc)”

As you’d imagine, as this hasn’t been officially announced, the information was swiftly taken down.

Presumably, this would be Doctor Who Season 12, comprising of Robot, The Ark in Space, The Sontaran Experiment, Genesis of the Daleks, and Revenge of the Cybermen. This is, of course, a hugely popular series, including two fan favourites in The Ark in Space and Genesis of the Daleks, with an arc that begins in the former at Nerva Beacon and finds the Fourth Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen), and Harry Sullivan (Ian Marter) return there in Revenge after a couple of TARDIS-less journeys.

It’s definitely a tantalising prospect, something many fans have begged for – a complete season packaged as one.

Interestingly, it comes less than two months after the reveal of a Complete Seventh Doctor set, destined for release in Germany, collecting everything from Time and the Rani to Survival.

Let’s be cautious here, however. Nothing has been announced, firstly, so it might just be a dodgy listing. It could be a re-release of Doctor Who Series 1 from 2005, but Tom Baker is tagged as he’s so synonymous with the show, and that made its way into the title. But that’s unlikely.

If it is real, then we should be excited – but remember that this is, so we don’t know which territories it might be available in.

And yes, it’s a Blu-ray, but it will be upscaled because the only classic Doctor Who serials to be filmed on film, and so can accurately be made into HD productions, are Spearhead from Space and The TV Movie (1996). Season 12 was shot on video; that’s the sad fact.

Nonetheless, we’re intrigued, and very much hope this is real and widely-released. After all, it’s a great season to start a new range with!

Are you keeping your fingers crossed? Or are you happy with the DVD range as it is? Let us know in the comments below!

(Thanks to Alasdair Shaw.)