Pearl Mackie Shares Preview of Bill Potts 5.5″ Action Figure

As something of a special Christmas treat, Pearl Mackie has shared a first-look preview at the upcoming action figure for her Doctor Who character, Bill Potts!

This is the first confirmation that a figure of Ms. Potts is coming, presumably from Character Options, and likely in 2018.

In the photo, left on Twitter on Christmas Day, the figurine is wrapped in festive decor and is based on Bill as she appeared towards the start of Doctor Who Series 10, i.e. wearing the rainbow top and chunky trainers she sports in The Pilot (towards the end), primarily Smile, and, briefly, Thin Ice.

Further details are unknown, including whether this will be available widely or if it’ll be exclusive to particular stores, like Forbidden Planet (unlikely, as its exclusives are generally limited to Classic Who figures) or Toys ‘R’ Us (more likely, based on previous sets, although the retailer’s financial troubles might prove troublesome).

We’ve been pretty disappointed with many recent Doctor Who action figures – mainly because the majority are 3.75″, meaning you don’t get a solid enough level of detail and you still have to pay a chunk of cash for them. Fortunately, the 5.5″ figure line is alive and well. Or at least, it’s alive. The frequency of releases leaves something to be desired, but fortunately, the smaller ones haven’t signalled the end for bigger figurines.

This Bill figure does further signify that more releases are planned; we can only presume it will be announced by Character Options in the Toy Fair, held in London between 23rd and 25th January 2018. We can only guess which other figures are in the pipeline. Our money’s on the Thirteenth Doctor, John Simm’s Master (from World Enough and Time/ The Doctor Falls), Nardole, and the First Doctor, as played by David Bradley.

Which action figures would you like to see next? Will you buy Bill Potts? How about a bottle of water, which you can pretend is Heather…?