The Slitheen Return for Big Finish’s Tenth Doctor Chronicles!

Big Finish has released further details about April 2018’s The Tenth Doctor Chronicles – which includes the return of the Siltheen, Sylvia Noble, and Lady Christina de Souza!

As previously announced, it’ll be narrated by Jacob Dudman, whose impersonations of the Eleventh Doctor wowed the internet. For this release, however, he’s turning his talent to David Tennant’s incarnation of the Doctor. Joining him, we have Jacqueline King as Sylvia Noble, Donna’s mum, in a witty tale by James Goss. Jacqueline has previously starred in a number of releases for Big Finish (such as Doom Coalition and, most recently, The War Master), but this is her first time as Sylvia, a role she first played in 2006 for The Runaway Bride.

And in her first part for Big Finish, Michelle Ryan reprises the role of Lady Christina de Souza, after her sole TV outing in 2009’s Planet of the Dead!

To top it all off, The Tenth Doctor Chronicles includes the come back of some pesky Raxacoricofallapatorians, the Slitheen family. The body-snatchers debuted in 2005 with Aliens of London/ World War Three and then in Boom Town; their further TV adventures were restricted to The Sarah Jane Adventures, although they’ve also appeared in novels and comics.

Here’s the synopsis for the four-story set:

The Taste of Death by Helen Goldwyn

The Doctor and Rose sample the high-life on resort planet MXQ1, run by the famous Bluestone brothers. It has everything: exotic beaches, luxury accommodation and extravagant dining. Something’s cooking in the kitchen, and it’s to die for…

Backtrack by Matthew J Elliott

When the TARDIS crashes in the vortex, Martha and the Doctor find themselves on board the time-ship Best Before, where the host offers temporal cruises at reasonable prices. But time travellers must never cut corners. Dangerous forces have been unleashed, and Martha finds her medical skills put to the test as she deals with some lethal fall-out. Time is running out, and the clock is ticking towards disaster!

Wild Pastures by James Goss

Strange things are happening at the Wild Pastures Rest Home. When the Doctor calls on the Nobles to investigate, he doesn’t expect Sylvia to be the one to step up. Soon, they’re in too deep, and the Doctor and Sylvia will need all their faculties to get out alive.

Last Chance by Guy Adams

Trying to spare a few creatures from extinction, the Doctor bumps into an old acquaintance on the African plains – Lady Christina de Souza. They are about to find themselves on the endangered list…

You can pre-order The Tenth Doctor Chronicles now at £23 on CD or £20 on download.