Why Did Rusty the Dalek Return for Twice Upon A Time?

While most seasoned Doctor Who fans predicted the return of Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) in Twice Upon A Time, many were surely shocked to see Rusty, the titular character from Into the Dalek, back for Peter Capaldi’s swansong. Now, outgoing showrunner, Steven Moffat has revealed the real reason Rusty returned: he liked him!

Yep, it really is that simple. Moffat told the Radio Times:

“Rusty the Dalek – I liked Rusty. I liked Into the Dalek; it was a very early story from the Twelfth Doctor and Rusty was his first sort of full scale adversary.”

Indeed, Into the Dalek was the second Twelfth Doctor story, back in 2014. Nicknamed “Rusty” by the Doctor, the Dalek had malfunctioned, and turned against its own kind. When it returned for the most recent Christmas special, it was still determined to rid the universe of the Daleks, although was similarly keen to see the Doctor dead. Oh, and it had amassed an arsenal of information, and was hiding out on Villengard, a planet at the centre of the universe.

Nick Briggs has voiced the Daleks (plus other aliens, including the Cybermen and Judoon) since 2005, and said:

“It is always a delight to do a Dalek that has more expressive capabilities. I love all the ‘Exterminate!’ and ‘I obey!’ but it’s nice to do the sort of sensitive stuff as well.”

What next for Rusty? Briggs has an idea…

“Well, what happens to Rusty – is that he gets spun off into his own miniseries! Which is what all actors say about their characters when you ask them. But wouldn’t that be great? Rusty against the Daleks.”

I was never a huge fan of Rusty, but actually, that surely has got potential. People are suckers for the Daleks!

Were you pleased to see the lone Dalek back for Capaldi’s last story? Or was it unnecessary? And do you think we’ll see Rusty again…?