Get 50% Off Doctor Who: The Complete History in Hachette’s January Sale!

Unless you’ve subscribed, you might’ve fallen behind on the excellent partwork, Doctor Who: The Complete History – in which case, you can enjoy 50% off the first 46 issues in Hachette’s January Sale!

We’re not 100% sure when the sale ends, but presumably, it’ll be at the end of the month, meaning you’ve only got a few days to grab volumes at just £5.00.

Doctor Who: The Complete History launched in late 2015 as an in-depth documentation of the behind-the-scenes histories of the show: originally billed as an 80-volume set, it’s recently been extended to 90 volumes to include everything up to Twice Upon A Time, the Twelfth Doctor’s final regular appearance, and truly an end of an era.

Released fortnightly, you could subscribe to receive each through the post, place a standing order at your nearest newsagent, or visit shops in the hope you might find a stray copy. Nonetheless, if you’ve missed one or have sleepless nights about dented issues (God knows I do), head over to Hachette now. The first 46 issues span the 12 Doctors, so there’s something for fans of every era. They’re genuinely fascinating and enlightening books; you’re sure to find lots of stuff out that you never knew before. The DWC reviewed a few earlier volumes, so if you’re looking for a taste of what they’re like, check those out.

You’ll need to be quick – aside from time limitations, there’s low stock of some issues, while two others have already sold out: Issue 6 (Robot; The Ark in Space; The Sontaran Experiment), and Issue 8 (The Mind Robber; The Invasion; The Krotons). In our review of the former, I said:

“This really is a fascinating read, as ever, and special mention must go to The Ark in Space. And rightly so. The four-part serial is greatly-loved, and has to be in many fans’ Top Ten lists (myself included). While the Production section is a little dry in comparison to those serials bookending it, the Pre- and Post-Production parts uncover a lot of trivia, and in the Publicity section, we get Frank Bellamy’s iconic art for the Radio Times.

“Fans will also delight in seeing the art from the Weetabix figures and cards in all three Merchandise parts. And on the subject of art, the photos throughout this issue are genuinely stunning and show the variety of visuals presented in Season 12.

“Compare the hard sci-fi, sharp lines, and clean design of The Ark in Space to the grassy desolation of The Sontaran Experiment, for instance. We get some further context with the 1974/5 Series Overview where you can see the gritty environs of Genesis of the Daleks and the ironically-sterile look of Revenge of the Cybermen.”

Of course, Hachette’s sale extends beyond The Complete History, so comic book and sci-fi fans, for instance, might like to sample Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes, Assassin’s Creed: The Official Collection, and Draw The Marvel Way.

Head over to the January Sale now to enjoy The Complete History!