Titan Comics’ Eleventh Doctor Year Three Concludes with Hungry Thirsty Roots [PREVIEW]

Year Three of Titan Comics’ Eleventh Doctor title comes to an end with the second part of Hungry Thirsty Roots, which sees a culmination in the plot strands of the previous 12 issues.

The Eleventh Doctor #3.1 began with Remembrance, and the following issue introduced us to The Scream, a member of the race known as the Silence – so powerful that even other Silents couldn’t remember him. He’s been a presence throughout the most recent run of stories, notably in The Tragical History Tour and Strange Loops. Now, he’s back, and reality has warped, memories prove elusive, and the Doctor and his companion, Alice Obiefune are in very precarious situations indeed.

Written by Alex Paknad​el and Rob Williams, here’s the synopsis for The Eleventh Doctor #3.13:

The third year of the Eleventh Doctor comes to a fiery conclusion!

Can the Sapling escape its destiny?

As you can see, there are two covers available – one by Blair Shedd, and a photographic variant by Will Brooks.

With internal art by JB Bastos and Luiz Campello, The Eleventh Doctor #3.13 is out now, with a $3.99 RRP.