Lee Mack Reveals He’ll be in Doctor Who Series 11

Lee Mack has revealed that he’ll have a small role in Doctor Who Series 11!

The comedian (who writes and stars in his sitcom, Not Going Out, and is a team leader on Would I Lie To You?) was taking part in Radio 4’s Loose Ends programme with Sharon D. Clarke, who is already confirmed to be in the next series of the show. Mack then revealed:

“Not only am I excited about the idea of someone being in Doctor Who, I am also possibly gonna be in it as well… I am blink-and-you’ll-miss-it. It’s just a little thing. I’ve just been a fan all my life, so I just harassed them until they gave me a little part in it.”

So how did he manage to nab a part? By proving he’s a massive fan – he even has his own TARDIS and Dalek! He went on to say:

“I even sent Chris, who runs the show, Chris Chibnall, a video of me getting out of my own TARDIS, which I own – with a Dalek, which I own as well! And I said ‘Come on!’ It’s genuinely a true story – I’ve got a TARDIS at home; it’s not bigger on the inside. And I said ‘Come on, give me a part.’ And he said ‘Alright!’ So that’s what you need to do if you want a part in something. Just send a video to someone, you’ll get the part.”

However, Lee admitted that he wasn’t supposed to say anything about his appearance…

Lee’s spoken before about his enjoyment of the show (in his autobiography, he even talks about seeing his close friend, Catherine Tate in Doctor Who Series 4, etc.), so it’s lovely to hear someone’s finally taken notice.

Personally speaking, Mack is one of only two stand-ups who I’ve seen live and as such, he’s my favourite comedian, so it’ll be nice to see him in Doctor Who.

But what do you think? Looking forward to Mack’s role? Are you preparing a video of you with your makeshift TARDIS, ready to send to Messr Chibnall?