Why Did Peter Capaldi Leave Doctor Who, and What’s He Doing Now?

It’s been a few months now since Twice Upon A Time aired, and the Twelfth Doctor disappeared from our TV screens – so what exactly has Peter Capaldi been doing in the meantime? Well, fans of Doctor Who Series 9 will be especially pleased to hear he’s been practising the guitar!

The actor was preparing for a convention appearance in Australia and told Perth Now:

“I stopped being anything. After four years it was a great opportunity to just say I’m going to rest. I’m going to stop working. I’m playing guitar and going out for breakfast. I feel slightly guilty to say I’m enjoying it but I am.”

And who’s to blame him?! I think we underestimate the degree to which Doctor Who can shake up the lives of the Doctors and companions.

Capaldi went on to talk about why he left the series:

“Doctor Who is a great show and experience but to be at the centre of that brand is a lot of work. There’s a lot more than just acting. It was hard to maintain that level of commitment with that schedule any longer. I tried my best to make the Doctor come alive.”

He certainly did that, and yep, he’ll definitely be missed.

Capaldi’s sole credit since Doctor Who is in the upcoming film, Christopher Robin, playing Rabbit, which was presumably recorded before he departed the show; however, you can enjoy his small role as Mr Curry in the brilliant Paddington 2, on DVD and Blu-ray now.

Peter appeared alongside Pearl Mackie at the Supernova Comic Con And Gaming Expo over the past weekend.

Do you blame Capaldi for kicking back and relaxing? Or would you prefer to see him back on TV sooner rather than later?