Out Now: DWM Special Edition – In the Studio

The latest Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition is available now, and charts Doctor Who‘s difficult evolution from relatively primitive beginnings to the cutting edge of modern television production. In the Studio is your guide to the studio recording and filming of Doctor Who, including previously unseen images – like the wonderful one on the cover, taken for The Bells of St. John!

Though the idea of Doctor Who was always a vastly ambitious one, its early days saw it was jeopardised by a fierce dispute over facilities. Indeed, the show’s principal photography throughout the William Hartnell era, and much of Patrick Troughton’s, was held at Lime Grove Studio D, one of the smallest and least-advanced studios owned by the BBC. The programme survived, but never stopped demanding the very best from its studios and dedicated crews.

In the Studio includes:

  • Sections on all of Doctor Who’s major studios: Lime Grove, Ealing, Riverside, Television Centre, Unit Q2, Upper Boat, and Roath Lock;
  • How the original TARDIS control room was recreated for Twice Upon a Time;
  • A tribute to senior camera supervisor, Alec Wheal;
  • Exclusive interviews with second-unit director, James DeHaviland and vintage camera expert, Dicky Howett;
  • A guide to Doctor Who’s rehearsal rooms;
  • The story behind the black-and-white remake of 2006 episode, Tooth and Claw;
  • Rare images from the Visual Effects Department’s model stages.

Editor, Marcus Hearn says:

“This DWM Special Edition tells the entire studio history of Doctor Who, from Lime Grove in 1963 through to Roath Lock in 2018. Andrew Pixley’s detailed research is the backbone of this issue, but there are fantastic articles and interviews by lots of other writers too, along with contributions from former producer Philip Hinchcliffe and showrunner Chris Chibnall. Longtime DWM collaborator Derek Handley helped to source some incredible images, while Peri Godbold and Mike Jones designed it all beautifully. Hopefully we’ve been able to contribute something really meaningful to our understanding of how Doctor Who is made.”

Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition: In the Studio is on sale now, priced £5.99.