Premiere For Short Film Starring Frazer Hines and Caitlin Blackwood

A short film starring two former Doctor Who companions will premiere next month at XpoNorth.

Sundown stars Frazer Hines, who played Second Doctor companion Jamie McCrimmon, a Highlander from the 18th Century, and Caitlin Blackwood, a cousin of Hollywood star Karen Gillan, who appear opposite Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor throughout series five as young Amelia Pond.

The short film, directed and co-written by Bafta-nominated director Ryan Hendrick, tells the story of William, played by Hines, a man in his 70s who is taken on “a timeless journey” through the eyes of Blackwood’s Abi as he comes to terms with his own mortality.

XpoNorth is an annual creative industries festival held in Inverness which will take place on the 27th and 28th June.

You can read our exclusive interview with director and co-writer Ryan Hendrick, where he talks about casting the companions, funding through Indiegogo and the shorts emotional punch here