Get Your Own Twelfth Doctor Replica Coat

If you have a thing for the Twelfth Doctor’s look (or a thing for magicians…same difference) then why not traverse all of space and time and pick up Abbyshot’s officially licensed Twelfth Doctor frock coat.

*adopts the tones of a fashionista* The coat is handcrafted using the softest, most luxurious 100% velvet and comes with seductively polished Italian lining colour-matched from the original fabric with replica buttons and elongated, ornate buttonholes.

According to the official Doctor Who site, inside the coat, you’ll find two welted pockets set into the blue lining containing jelly babies, a sonic screwdriver and a cricket ball…or not…and, hidden away, there’s a third pocket, just like the original design. This little black pocket was used to hold the neodymium magnet in Series 10 episode Smile securing the magnetic emoji badge on the outside of the Doctor’s coat!

The coats are made in small batches and are available to pre-order now from Abbyshot (payment plans are available as the coat will set you back $699.99)