Doctor Who Series 10 Deleted Crossover Scene with Casualty

It’s always fascinating to consider what could have been, and so it’s been revealed that last year’s The Lie of the Land cut a crossover with another popular BBC show, Casualty!

Casualty might have a massive human following, but apparently, the Monks, who took over the planet during Doctor Who Series 10, liked it too. Or at least approved of it. Because scenes, which were to screen during the Monk’s reign on Earth, were actually filmed for the episode but later edited out. These involved Amanda Mealing and Tony Marshall’s respective characters, Connie Beauchamp and Noel Garcia, and would’ve played out like this:

Connie: Have we got an ID on the driver yet?

Noel: She had nothing on her. It’s lucky that Monk was passing. He literally tore the door off and pulled her out before the car exploded.

Connie: Praise be to the benevolence of the Monks.

Okay, so plenty of scenes get cut before an episode of Doctor Who airs. What’s so special about this one?

Firstly, it’s notable because Casualty (or “Causality” as Doctor Who fans should call it, right?) is shot in the next studio along from Who – that is, at BBC Wales, Roach Lock, close to where the Doctor Who Experience was housed. In fact, wandering past, you can see the tops of buildings beyond the BBC Wales facade; they look like real estate properties, but are actually sets. It’s amazing.

And secondly, the scene still existed in the press previews, so this was deleted very close to transmission. Why? We can only presume The Lie of the Land was running too long – indeed, the episode was slightly longer than the rest of the series – so minor scenes were edited out.

In case you’ve forgotten, we met the so-called Truth Monks in Extremis, and Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie) made a deal with them in order to save the Doctor in The Pyramid at the End of the World; however, this meant that the Monks could take over the Earth, seemingly taking over the mind of even our favourite Time Lord.

It’s quite a shame this crossover never aired; such cheeky winks to the audience happened a few times during the Russell T. Davies era (including a memorable EastEnders scene in Army of Ghosts), so this would’ve aptly carried on the tradition.

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