Preview: Doctor Who Figurine Collection – 1980s Silurian, and the Second Doctor

We’re not far away from June, so it’s time to look forward to a new batch of collectibles from Eaglemoss, in the form of the Doctor Who Figurine Collection!

Out early next month, Doctor Who Figurine Collection #125 turns the spotlight on the Silurians, as the reptilian race appeared in the 1984 adventure, Warriors of the Deep. In this Fifth Doctor adventure, two power blocs race towards a seemingly almost inevitable war, and the Silurians, with their Sea Devil cousins, are determined to make it happen, bu taking control of a missile base.

The accompanying magazine goes behind the scenes of the story that saw the return of enemies not seen in Doctor Who for more than a decade. And it encourages you to get excited about the Myrka, so Eaglemoss has quite a task on its hands.

Later in June, Doctor Who Figurine Collection #126 features a mould of Patrick Troughton’s Second Doctor as he appears in this debut 1966 serial, The Power of the Daleks, i.e. complete with recorder and stovepipe hat. When his body was “wearing a bit thin”, the Doctor collapsed on the TARDIS floor and changed his face, his mannerisms, even his clothes! The Power of the Daleks has garnered a fair bit of attention of late as it was the first completely missing adventure to be animated and released on DVD and Blu-ray.

Inside the magazine: what you need to know about Troughton’s appointment as the Time Lord. William Hartnell had played the Doctor as an authoritative figure, but the production team didn’t want his successor to copy his portrayal. Introducing, the Cosmic Hobo!

Plus more on the wonderful Michael Craze, who played Ben Jackson between The War Machines and The Faceless Ones.

The Doctor Who Figurine Collection began in 2013 with a figure of Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor as he appeared in The Pandorica Opens (2010). It’s a fortnightly partwork which you can find out more about over at Hero Collector.