David Tennant: Doctor Who Fandom Can Be “Quite Scary At First”

Once the Doctor, always the Doctor. We all know that. And while what must be amazing, the Tenth Doctor, David Tennant admitted that it was “quite scary at first”.

Appearing on The Graham Norton Show, Tennant said:

“It’s quite a small club. It does feel like once you’ve been the Doctor, you’re always the Doctor. We do form a small support network. It’s quite an unusual job and it’s humbling to be at the centre of that. It has such a huge fan base all over the world that it is quite scary at first.”

For anyone missing Tennant’s incarnation of the Doctor, it should come as some consolation that he’ll forever be the Doctor – and the same is true for the limited number of actors who have played the part. The discussion came about when Norton asked David how he found out that Jodie Whittaker is the Thirteenth Doctor. The pair obviously worked together on Broadchurch.

The actor has previously spoken about the support group former Doctors form for new incarnations:

I know that Jodie’s talked to Peter [Capaldi] and she’s talked to Matt [Smith]. Just for a little support group. You go, ‘What is this madness? Tell me about it.’ I think inevitably you sort of look to people who’d been there before to go, ‘What is this like? What is this madness I entered into?'”

David was on The Graham Norton Show to publicise You, Me and Him, the new film with Georgia Moffett as producer. And despite him being married to Moffett, Tennant was apparently one of the last on the list of stars. He said:

“It went to lots of other actors before it came to me… I thought I would be a shoo-in!”

You can watch Tennant’s appearance on The Graham Norton Show via BBC iPlayer until the middle of June.