Enjoy Lethbridge-Stewart EBooks from Candy Jar – COMPLETELY FREE!

Prepare your Kindle for a batch of wonderful Doctor Who-related freebies from Candy Jar Books – including two whole novels starring Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart!

This is a special offer that runs for this week only (running for five days, starting from 16th June 2018), as fans continue to enjoy classic serials on the video streaming platform, Twitch. These will be the last batch of free downloads until Autumn 2018.

Here are the free stories available free of charge for Kindle:

  • ’48 Crash: Aliens visit the Radio One Roadshow. A special edition Lethbridge-Stewart short story to celebrate the 50th anniversary of BBC Radio 1. Author, Mark Carton, has been shortlisted in the People’s Book Prize. You can vote for The Book Spy here!
  • The HAVOC Files: A collection of short stories featuring Doctor Who legend, the Brigadier, including the exclusive story, The Enfolded Time.
  • Mind of Stone: Alistair finds himself in Wormwood Scrubs prison after blowing up a small village. The only way to escape is to befriend the prison’s most notorious prisoner!
  • The Dreamer’s Lament: The Brigadier finds himself trapped in the past in a village full of zombies.

Just click on the titles and you’ll be redirected to their Amazon UK pages.

And that’s not all! You can also enjoy an original crime novel by Alistair Moore, once again completely free. Here’s the synopsis:

Revenge is a dirty word, but what would you do if you met your child’s killer?

Bennie lives hand-to-mouth in a little bedsit, spending his days avoiding the unsavoury people who wander about his building.

All changes one day, when he agrees to help a bereaved father find a small piece of information in exchange for a sum of money which could change Bennie’s life forever. As he explores a stark urban underworld to dig into the past of a boy who became a killer, Bennie tests his wits to the limits, makes an unexpected friend, and risks his life to find the answers he needs.

Vengeance, redemption, and the real meaning of freedom. This book has it all!

Find The Release: Revenge here.

Don’t forget though – be quick off the mark because these offers only last until Wednesday 20th June 2018.