How a Student at Abertay University, Scotland, Revived K9

A university student in Scotland has demonstrated his fan credentials in a particularly ingenious way by turning an apparently original K9 prop into a fully functional robot as part of his degree project.

Gary Taylor, who is studying computer science in Dundee, was pitched the idea by supervisors at Abertay University, where said K9 has resided since being bought a few years back. Sadly, this particular version had not received the best of care from Sarah-Jane Smith, Leela, or anyone else.

“He had a lot of water damage from a roof leak,” says Gary, “so all the electrics in him had just fried. He was just a shell.”

Fortunately Gary was the right man for the job given that, as he puts it, “I love robotics, I love programming, I love dogs and I love Doctor Who.”

It was certainly no small task to bring K9 back to life, and indeed Professor Marius himself would surely have been impressed by Gary’s dedication in creating almost 15,000 lines of code and installing a gyroscope, ultrasound sensors and new boards, motors, shields and drives. Taylor adds:

“It was a lot of work. If it wasn’t for the university lecturers helping me and guiding me along the way, I’d be nowhere near finished.”

The finished result can be controlled from Gary’s smartphone, which should come in handy should he ever be menaced by Ogri, Mandrels, or Krargs. It’s not clear exactly which version of K9 Gary brought back to life or which stories the prop appeared in but it’s a remarkable achievement worthy of a distinction from the academy on Gallifrey.