New Series 11 Trailer Reveals Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor in Action

Hot on the heels of last Sunday’s underwhelming teaser trailer comes a brand-new series 11 trailer direct from this years San Diego Comic Con.

Featuring footage of strange new alien worlds, a bit of homespun repair work and some previously uncharted periods in the past, the new trailer really does underline showrunner Chris Chibnall’s mandate of making the show accessible to new audiences.

Anyway, here’s the much-better-than-the-teaser trailer.

Underlining the newness of every adventure means that the trailer is still light on details (there’s no shape to anything yet – it’s more of sizzle reel of moments designed to show the scope and hint at the direction the show is heading in; big clue if you didn’t pick it up from the trailer but the buzzword is ‘new’ –  but there are enough shots of Jodie Whittaker and her new TARDIS team of Yaz, Graham and Ryan (Mandip Gill, Bradley Walsh and Tosin Cole) to more than whet the appetite.

Now all we need are some new monsters…

New faces, new worlds, new times and now, our first glimpse of the new Doctor in action.

Doctor Who returns to BBC One this autumn.