Chris Chibnall Confirms There Will Be a Christmas Special

Christmas has come early for Doctor Who fans as Chris Chibnall has confirmed there will be a Christmas episode for Jodie Whittaker’s debut season as the Doctor.

Speaking at the San Diego Comic Con, Chibnall opened a Christmas present early, confirming that the episode will come in addition to the previously announced ten episodes which make up series 11, meaning we are getting more episodes than previously thought in 2018.

Chibnall joked during the conference:

“We seem to be filming 11 episodes, and it’s only a series of 10…I would definitely think there’s another episode after the end of the series, yeah.”

For a long time, Christmas was rumoured to be cancelled for Doctor Who despite it being a fixture for sofa-bound paper crown wearing viewers for 13 years. However, after declining ratings and some understandable reticence on behalf of Chris Chibnall – who didn’t want to launch his tenure with a Christmas special – an online CV for director Wayne Yip seemed to confirm that the festive episode was back under the tree again.

The real question is how will Chibnall inject some festive fun into what have become increasingly less festive episodes. Frightening figgy pudding? Terrifying tinsel? Spooky sprouts?

Doctor Who returns this autumn on BBC One.