Doctor Who Series 11: Chris Chibnall Teases “Inclusive” Writing Team

Showrunner, Chris Chibnall has promised a diverse behind-the-scenes crew working on Doctor Who Series 11, including the show’s first “writers of colour”.

With the San Diego Comic Con, we’ve been treated to a sudden glut of news about the upcoming run of episodes, and while we don’t know specifics about who else will join Chibnall on the writing team, he has at least teased:

“We have the first writers of colour to write on Doctor Who this year – and we have two female writers and three male writers in the guest writers’ slots… We’re doing lots, but our plan across time is to do lots more. It should be the most inclusive show on television. The whole concept of Doctor Who is that anybody can go anywhere and do anything, and we want to reflect that on-screen and off.”

This means that Chibnall will be in charge of five episodes this year, presumably four bookending the season and one in the middle – though that’s speculation right now. So too is the notion that Chibnall’s surrounded himself with writers completely new to the series; we do at least know that Jamie Mathieson, Sarah Dollard, and Mark Gatiss haven’t returned, but that doesn’t mean Tom MacRae, Rona Munro, or Robert Shearman aren’t back, for example.

Chris also confirmed that there’s a 50/50 split between female and male directors, which roughly tallies with who we’ve heard is on board (Jamie Childs, Mark Tonderai, Sallie Aprahamian, and Jennifer Perrott), although Childs is taking on four episodes himself.

Meanwhile, all but one of the series’ editors are female.

Now, we are becoming a tad jaded by the use of the term, “inclusive” – it does appear to be the buzzword for this series that gets bandied around at every opportunity – but as long as the stories are good, we don’t really care about the writers’ gender, race, religion, social standing, sexual preference, or whatever other terms are used to put barriers between people. The important thing is, however, to remember that Doctor Who has always been a diverse show – let’s not these proclamations of inclusivity blind us to the positives of the past.

So who do you want to see join Chibbers in this year’s writing roster…?